Reactivate your Subscribers

Subscribers in your Newsweaver account can become inactive during a routine data cleanup, due to emails bouncing, when removed by an Administrator or if the Subscriber opts out. Inactive Subscribers will not receive your communications and will need to be reactivated before they can receive emails again. For subscribers that have opted out, they will need to opt back in, otherwise you can forward their written request to Newsweaver Support. For Subscribers that have been made inactive by the Admin or the Bounce Manager, you can follow the instructions below to reactivate them.


To Reactivate your Subscribers:

  1. From the Home Screen, navigate the ‘Subscribers’ drop-down and click ‘Import Subscribers’.
  2. Enter the email addresses (or downloaded .csv) of the Subscribers you’d like to reactivate.User-added image 
  3. In the Advanced Options, use the checkboxes to chose the the type of Subscriber you’d like to reactivate. Then, click ‘Next’ to continue the import as normal.User-added image
  4. When your import is complete, you can verify the update of your subscribers on the final page. They will now be Active Subscribers.
    User-added image
    Note: It’s important to view the results of an import to ensure that all subscribers were imported/updated as planned.

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