Personalize your Subject Line

As well as being able to personalize sender details and add a personalized greeting within your newsletter, you can also personalize the subject line of your email to make it more relevant to your readers.

You can personalize the subject line for any email you send, simply by editing the subject line during the send process. You can pull People data into the subject field and personalize it by inserting a field macro. For the example below, we are going to promote an offer; we’ll personalize the subject line by entering the location of each individual person who receives the email. (e.g. Buy One Get One Free in the US, Buy One Get One Free in the UK).


To Personalize the Subject Line of your Email:

  1. Open the email you’d like to personalize the subject line for and start the Send Wizard.
  2. Select the subscribers you want to send your communication to and click Next.

    Note: If you would like to test the functionality, send a Quick Test to yourself or a colleague in Newsweaver with the appropriate Subscriber field filled in.
  3. Click the subject to edit it.
  4. Type in the text that will appear to every subscriber regardless of their location in the Subject field.

    The example above shows ‘Buy One Get One Free’​ with the location not included.
  5. Place your cursor where you’d like the personalized information to appear and click the Insert Subscriber Field macro icon at the end of the subject field.
  6. In the Insert Field screen, select the specific data Field you want to pull into your personalized subject line and complete the or default to field. Then, click Insert.

    The example above shows Country for the data field. (The default entry is what will appear to any subscriber that does not have a Country registered against their profile; to avoid the subject line appearing blank in that case.)
  7. Your subject line will now update to include personalized HTML code. Click ‘Next’ and continue through the rest of the Send Wizard.

    The example above shows ${subscriber.field(‘’)!’US and UK’} in the subject. This HTML will pull the Country field and include it in the Subject line for any Person receiving the email.

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