Overview Reports

The Overview Reports allows you to view the results and performance of your Emails giving you a good general outlook on the success of your communications. Choose a Folder and an Email, then Newsweaver will generate your Overview Reports. For a deeper dive you can check out Click Map, Engagement and Platform; you can even Create a Custom Report.

To View your Overview Reports

  1. ​Navigate to Reports and select Overview.
  2. Choose a Folder and an Email from the drop-downs.

    Note: You can also choose a particular send for you email in the Choose Mailing drop-down.
  3. 6 Overview Reports will be generated, as below.

The Six Overview Reports

Click Map:
Select Click Map for a visual heat map of your reader click activity (see Click Map Reports).

Mailing Results:
Here you can see a breakdown of your emails performance. It includes the Delivery, Opens and Clicks for the selected email.

Note: Click Devices to view information on what devices were used to consume your content (see Platform Reports).

Delivery Stats:
Here you can view the delivery statistics of your mailing, including Total Sent, Delivered, and Bounced.

Email Performance – Issue by Issue:
Displays the opens and clicks for the selected number of emails, allowing you to easily spot Emails that resonated with readers, as well as those that didn’t.

The yellow shows what percentage of recipients opened an email, the orange shows what percentage clicked something in the email. This is powerful data over multiple emails.

Content Popularity:
This widget ranks your most popular individual articles in the email. You can see the title of the article (clicking on the blue title will open the article itself), as well as Unique Clicks and Total Clicks.

​This report is particularly useful for spotting trends in the type of content that your audience respond well to and find most engaging. Try to build this intelligence into your editorial strategy moving forward.

Social Activity
This widget shows a list of articles or other content from your emails and the readers that commented, liked or shared them.

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