Import Subscriber Email Adresses

Within Newsweaver, the contacts that you send communications to are called Subscribers. Data about these subscribers (e.g. their first name, surname or country) are stored in Newsweaver in what’s known as ‘Fields’.

Manually Importing Subscriber data into your account allows you to manage your subscribers. You can import subscribers in bulk using a spreadsheet file or to import Subscribers via individual email addresses, use the instructions below.


To Manually Import Subscribers:

  1. Navigate to the Subscribers’ drop-down and click ‘Import Subscribers’.

  1. Type in you email addresses in the box provided.

    Note: Use the Advanced Settings checkboxes when Reactivating your Subscribers.


  1. Set you Fields and Tags.
  • Fields: Allows you to choose and define a specific field (City, for example) or custom fields, for all Subscribers in the import.
  • Tags:  Allows you to create a new Tag, or add a Tag to all of the subscribers being imported. Tags can then be used during the Send process to send targeted communications to that group of subscribers only .


  1. Click ‘Import Now’ to complete the import of your Subscribers.

    Note: It’s important to view the results of an import to ensure that all subscribers were imported/updated as planned.

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