Import People in Bulk

In Newsweaver, the contacts that you send communications to are called People. Data about these people (e.g. their first name, surname or location) are stored in what’s known as Fields.

You can import People via individual email addresses or import people in bulk using the instructions below.


To Manually Import using a Spreadsheet/File:

Using this method allows you to upload a file (.txt, .csv, .tab, .xls, .xlsx) containing your People data. If the file contains more than just email addresses, Newsweaver will attempt to map the information contained in each column to data Fields within Newsweaver.

  1. Prepare your file, as below. (You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, then Save As/Download as a .csv file.)

    Note : When you upload the file, the system will recognise any column titles that matches Field names within Newsweaver and automatically map the columns in your file to the Field in Newsweaver.


  1. Navigate to the People tab and click Import People.


  1. Click Choose File and upload your file. Then, click Next.

    Note: Use the Advanced Settings checkboxes when Reactivating your People.
  1. When uploading your file, Newsweaver will automatically map columns that exist in Newsweaver. (Using the file prepared in Step 1 as an example, Newsweaver automatically maps the fields as they exist in Newsweaver by default.)

    Note: If the first row of your file contains the title of each column, check Skip First Row to remove this data from your import.


  1. When satisfied with your mapping, click Next.


  1. Set your Fields and Tags information.
  • Fields: Allows you to choose and define a specific field (City, for example), for all People in this import.
  • Tags:  Allows you to create a new Tag, or add a Tag to all of the people being imported. Tags can then be used during the Send process to send targeted communications to that group of people only.


  1. Click Import Now to complete the import of your People. You can verify this on the final screen or by clicking People Overview.

    Note: It’s important to view the results of an import to ensure that all people were imported/updated as planned (those not imported may be missing an email address).

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