Folder Settings

Folder Settings

Email Folders allow you to group communications together by a particular subject. Many of our customers feature multiple Folders; each with very different settings. For instance, you may want to allow People to share content from one newsletter, but not from another. This can be done from the Folder Settings area.

To Access the Folder Settings:
  1. Go to the Account drop-down and click Account Settings.

    Note: There are several other ways to access the Folder Settings; from the Comms drop-down or the Settings drop-down when editing an email for example.
  2. In the Settings Screen, scroll down to view a list of your Email Folders under Folders. Click the small gear icon beside any Folder to open the Folder Settings for that Folder.
Folder Settings

The Folder Settings will allow you choose a variety of settings for your Folder, based on your preferences or business needs. Throughout the Folder settings, you will see a small ‘?’ sign after each setting title, this will give you a little more information around what things mean. See below for a brief summary on each section of the Folder Settings:

  • Folder Summary: This includes the Folder Name, Description and country. You can also Control Access to Email Folders with Audiences.
  • Email Microsites/Web Settings: Here you can set what appears at your Folder’s homepage. This can be a blank page, the latest published email, or a specific email.
  • Default Sender Details: Sets the default ‘From Name’, ‘From Email Address’ and ‘Reply-To email address’ that appear whenever you send a communication from the Folder(these defaults can be overwritten when sending any email).
  • Analytics: Links to Google Analytics.
  • Social Features: Turn On Likes for your Folder and allow People to Share Articles on Social Media.
  • Privacy Policy: You can save the text of a Privacy Policy here, for use in any emails in the Folder. ​

Note: You can use your privacy policy in an email by inserting a Macro (Click the macro icon in the editing toolbar; selecting Content Macro from the drop-down menu and then select Publication Privacy Policy).

See the Folder Settings below, the additional settings are available by scrolling down.

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