Exporting a Sign-Up Form

The Exporting a Sign-Up Form feature is a helpful feature which enables people to sign up and receive your newsletters from your website or your Facebook Business page.

To Export a Sign-Up Form:

  1. Navigate to the ‘People’ drop-down and select ‘Sign-up Forms’.
  2. The available Sign-up Forms will appear listed on the left. Click ‘Export’.
  3. After Clicking Export, the available options for ‘Website’ and ‘Facebook’ will appear.Choose an option to view the instructions to:



To Export a Sign-up Form to a Website:

  1. Click on the ‘Website’ option.


  1. Choose your Folder. If you have associated your sign up form with multiple folders you can choose from the list here which template will be used to show any sign-up messages(e.g. Thank you for subscribing). If the sign up form is associated with one folder, that folder is displayed here.
  2. Choose which version of the sign-up form you would like to export.
  • The Short Version of the sign-up form only asks for the fields that are set as required fields on the long version of the form.
  • The Long Version of the sign-up form will show all fields in your form.


  1. Click ‘Generate HTML Code’. The code will appear in a window below to be used in your website.
  2. Copy the code and paste it into your website. (You may need to forward this code to your website designer/administrator).



To Export a Sign-up Form to Facebook:

  1. Click on the ‘Facebook’ option and follow steps 2 & 3 above.


  1. Click ‘Generate HTML Code’ button. The code will appear in a window below to be used on your Facebook.
  2. To enable this code to be added to your Facebook Page, log into Facebook.
  3. Search for “Static HTML: iframe tabs” and click to visit the page.

    Note: “Static HTML: iframe tabs” is one app which can be used to add Newsweaver’s HTML sign up code to your Facebook page. To add any html code to your Facebook Business page you will need to use a Facebook app. The app highlighted above and all others mentioned in this article are not connected to Newsweaver in any way and we cannot provide support for this or any other app used.  We are also unable to control any changes to this app.  


  1. On the App Page click ‘Use Now’.
  2. On the window that displays click ‘Add Static HTML to a page.


  1. You must have Admin Access on at least one page to add this app.  You will be prompted to select which page you wish to add the app to.


  1. Now when viewing your Facebook page you will see a static HTML Welcome icon at the bottom right of the page.


  1. Click on this icon. This will open the new page tab.
  2. Click Edit Tab.  This will open the Static HTML page editor.
  3. Paste your code into the Content, index.html window.
  4. Click Save & Publish.


  1. You can now Preview your tab, to see how your Sign up form appears.
  2. Click on Settings to change the name of your tab (By default it’s called ‘Welcome’).  Under the settings tab you can also view instructions on how to change the icon for your tab.
  3. When you are finished click the Done Editing Tab.
  4. This will bring you to the next steps screen. Click Tabs on the left hand side, to view your tab, and you will see a link to View Tab on Facebook.
  5. Click this link to return to your page, and you will see your new tab in place.Messages that may appear:
“You do not admin any pages for which this application can be installed” This means that you do not have the admin rights for any Facebook business page(s) and therefore cannot add the code. This code cannot be added to personal Facebook pages.
You may see the message “Broken urls found” when pasting your content into the ‘index.html’ area. The exported sign up code will work if copied exactly from Newsweaver, so you do not need to change any links as advised by this message.

Note: We recommend testing your form once it is published on your Facebook page.

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