Create an Event Invitation

Newsweaver’s Event Module allows you to create and send Event Invitations to your customers. You can then use our powerful metrics to track responses – as well as target follow-up invitations to invitees based on their response (for instance, sending reminders to those who haven’t opened the original invite).

Event invitations include a calendar file which allows your customers to add your event to their calendar.


To Create an Event Invitation:

  1. From the Home Screen, click New Email on the top right and select Event.

    Note: This button can also be found in the Comms Screen.
  2. Select the Advanced tab, then choose a Template to use.

  3. Select a template from My Recent Events, Custom Templates, or from the Newsweaver Library Templates.
  1. Enter the Event Nameaddress and time.

    Note: You can select Online Event to include a URL instead of a postal address.
  2. If registration is limited, you can set a capacity.
  3. You can add additional dates to the invite by clicking Add Session.  Invitees will be able to register for one session only.

    Note: When you send a Quick Test email, the .ics (calendar) file will always display the first session of a multi-session event.
  1. You can customise the event calendar file description by clicking on Settings.
  2. Choose your RSVP Options. These include requiring responses from invitees and requiring registration.

    Note: Check the Add Registration Form checkbox to include a registration form in your invite. This provides an additional setting which will allow you to add an event to your website when it’s set to public.
  3. You can enter optional planning details in the Planning tab.  Once you have completed all the details of your event, click Save & Edit. You can edit any section at any time before sending this out to your intended audience.

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