Create a Tag

Create a Tag

A tag is a static list that allows you to manually group People for sending purposes. As tags are static lists, they need to be maintained as they can quickly go out-of-date, for that reason we recommend using a Saved Search for sending, as it is a dynamic list which updates based on your Data Fields.

Tags are more useful when sending to a group of People that cannot be targeted by a Saved Search, such as people who only signed up with their email address, or people who signed up offline at a marketing event.

To Create a Tag:

  1. Go to People and click Tags.
  2. In the New drop-down, click New Tag.
  3. Enter a Name for your Tag (choose a name that you and other users will recognise), and an optional Description, then click Save.

    Note: You can add this Tag to your favourites, using the checkbox. This will allow you to locate the tag easily when sending.
  4. Your New Tag will now appear in your chosen folder. You can also Use Folders to Organise your Tags.

    Note: Once your tag is created you can Move a Tag to a Different Folder or Delete a Tag.

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