Create a Sign-up Form

Sign up forms are widely used for growing contact lists and collecting information from people, whereby they update their personal information and/or update their profile (e.g. to confirm which communications they wish to receive). Use the instructions below to create a sign-up form.

To Create a Sign-up Form:

  1. Go to the People area and click ‘Sign-up Forms’.
  2. On the Sign-up forms screen click New Form.
  3. On the Sign-up Form Details page, insert the Name of your sign-up form and set the Default Sender Details. Then, click Next.
      • Default Sender Details determine the name and email new employees see in their auto-response on completion of the form.

  4. On the People Options page there are a number of options relating to the email notifications sent to your People when they complete the form. Complete and click Next.


      • Basic Form adds the following fields: first name, last name and email address. (You can choose which fields are mandatory)
      • Detailed Form adds the fields: first name, last name, email address, phone number, address and email format preference. (You to choose which are mandatory)
  5. Finally, a preview of your Sign-up form. You’ll see three tabs; Short Version, Long Version and Update Profile. Clicking these tabs will display that version in the preview pane. (Long Version preview is selected by default).

        • Short Version displays the mandatory fields only.
        • Long Version displays all fields.
        • Update Profile allows People to update their information. This includes changing the email address that they have subscribed with. People are directed to this page after completing the Long or Short Version with the option of completing the remaining fields.
  6. Click Save & Edit and you will be brought to the Edit page of your new Sign-up form. Here you can add fields to gather more information or change your sign-up form options.  Your sign-up form is customizable and you can Edit your Sign-up Form.

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