Create a Summary and Content Popularity Report

When you Create a Custom Report, there are several report types to choose from. Each different report type will help you target the specific data which suits your marketing needs. The Summary and Content Popularity Report is a general report showing the results of a mailing (or multiple mailings), and showing how the emails performed, it is similar to the type of information seen in the Reports Overview tab. To create a Summary and Content Popularity Report, follow the instructions below.

To Create a Summary and Content Popularity Report:

  1. Go Reports and click Custom Reports.
  2. In Custom Reports, click New Report.
  3. Enter the Report Name and choose your preferred Report Format for viewing the data.

    Note: Choosing .pdf, .csv or .xls, as the Report Format will reveal Scheduling and Email Options for your report. (see below).

  4. Choose the Summary & Content Popularity Report radio button under Report Type and click Next.
  5. Choose a Folder from the Select Folder drop-down.

    Note: When selecting a Folder, you can choose the option ‘choose when running the report’, however, this option is not available if you have scheduled the report in Step 3.
  6. Choose from the Select email(s) to report on radio buttons. (These are the emails that your report will be based on.) Then, click Next.

    Note: If you set the Folder to ‘choose when running the report’ is chosen in step 5 above, you will not be able to select emails in step 6. This is because the Folder first needs to be defined, you’ll be able to choose the emails to report on when you select the Folder when running the report.
  7. Choose to filter by Saved Search(or not) and click Next.

    Filter People – This allows you to run your report on a specific group of readers, excluding those not in your selected saved search. Use the checkbox to enable the filter and then and click Edit Selection to choose a Saved Search.
    Note: Checking ‘Allow change when running the report’ check box will enable you to choose, or choose to overwrite, your filters when running your report.
  8. Review your Custom Report and then click Save. (Alternatively click Save & Run to run the report now.)

    Note: The Review page is a complete summary of all information entered during the Create a Report Wizard. Review this information carefully to ensure your report accurately targets the data you would like to capture.

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