Control Access to Email Folders with Audiences

Control Access to Email Folders with Audiences

An Audience is a group of people that can receive the comms you send from Newsweaver. Audiences control which People can receive the Emails you send from a particular Folder. When you Add an Audience to a Folder, you are limiting the access of that Folder’s emails to those assigned to the right Audience. When you Import People you must Add People to an Audience in order for them to be able to receive emails. When a person’s Audience matches the Folder Audience, they can receive emails from that Folder. Use the instructions below to Access Audiences.

To Access your Audiences:

  1. Go to People and click Audiences.

    Note: If you do not see the Audiences option, you are using Simple Audience Management. Please contact to request Advanced Audience Management.
  2. On the Audiences screen you’ll see a list of your Audiences. You can Add an Audience, Edit an Audience or Delete an Audience.

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