Consent and GDPR Compliance

As mentioned in our GDPR FAQ, if you are relying on ‘consent’ as the basis for your marketing activities, the GDPR will have an impact on your use of Newsweaver to send emailed newsletters.*

In order to align with the expectations of valid consent, marketers should review records and evidence of consent for current and new subscribers.


For current/existing subscribers, controllers should:

  • Revalidate consent with existing or uncertain subscriber groups. To do this, you should create a sign-up form. Add the sign-up (Update Profile) form to your newsletter. Link to the Update Profile Page from the Cover Page of your email. Send a communication to all your subscribers. This will assist you in revalidating or confirming consent for any uncertain subscriber groups.
  • Review any evidences of consent. To do this, you should run a search of all subscribers in your account. Or review your own internal records (if consent was captured outside of Newsweaver). If there are any subscribers for whom you do not have evidence of consent (either historically or arising from the above revalidation exercise), click the “remove” button alongside these subscribers. This will ensure you do not continue to email non-consenting subscribers.
  • Remove any old or unengaged subscribers. To do this, you should run a metric search in your account. And, if there are any subscribers that are not engaging with your content or emails (for example any who have not opened at least one email in the last 3 or 6 months), click the “remove” button. This will further reduce the risk of continuing to contact unengaged subscribers.


For new/future subscribers, controllers should:

  • Ensure you capture evidence of consent. To do this, and if you have not do not already have one as above, you should create a sign-up form. And add the sign-up (Update Profile) form to your newsletter. Link to the Update Profile Page from the Cover Page of your email. And export the sign-up (Update Profile) form for use anywhere where you capture subscriber data and subscriber consent. This will assist you in ensuring that you have evidence of consent for any future subscriber captures.
  • Allow subscribers to withdraw consent. To so this, ensure that the details of your organization are clearly placed alongside the “unsubscribe” and related options in the footer of your emails. Typically this is an editable text area. And could include the contact and other details of your organization. This will assist you in being transparent about what organization is processing the data, and who to contact if the subscriber has any related questions.


To help explain and illustrate these steps, we have produced a step-by-step video. Other information is available in our GDPR FAQ. Additional questions should be directed to your organisation’s own data protection team – or your regional data protection authority.


(* If you are unclear on the basis you are relying upon for communications, or whether that basis is ‘consent’, please speak to your own data protection team. Or perhaps review the UK ICO guidelines on the basis of processing and related guidance tool. Newsweaver cannot advise you of the basis that you are relying-upon to process data. Determining the basis is the responsibility of the controller. Not of Newsweaver as processor.)

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