Click Map

Click Maps provide you with a visual heat map of employee click activity from the cover page of your newsletter. You’ll be able to see how many People clicked on particular articles or other links from the cover page, providing interesting intelligence into what content most grabs the attention of your readers.

Click Maps are available for all Flyers and Newsletters, and can be accessed from the Reports Area.

To View the Click Map Reports:

  1. Go to Reports and click Click Map.

    Note: Alternatively, you can click the Click Map in the Overview Screen.
  2. Choose the Folder, Email and the Page you wish to view reports for.
  3. Your Click Map Report will be generated below based on your chosen page. It shows the total number of clicks on each article or link within your newsletter (Click on any of the numbers to view the specific People who clicked.)

    Note: Keep an eye for areas of the template that are not getting any clicks; if these are important sections then talk to Newsweaver Support about how you can make them more prominent within your template.
    Note: The colours of the numbers is a hot to cold gradient from Red to Blue.

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