Advanced Events FAQ

Note: The instructions below are for Advanced Events. To learn about Simple Events, please view our article on Simple Events.

We’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of the Events Module:

Can you add in additional registration details or amend the details? (For instance, ask for location instead of country.)

Yes. You can Edit your Event Registration Form to add additional registration fields or to edit any existing fields.

I don’t have a webinar URL to include, is there another option? My company uses Skype for Business so we usually attach iCalendar attachments to emails for associates to save the date on their calendars.

In this instance, use the ‘Online Event/Webinar‘ option as the Event Type and Edit the ICS Description for your Event. Add the details for your Skype call to the ICS description, the details will then appear in the automatic calendar invite sent to People who accept your event invitation.

Can we give a list of different sessions to choose from in the same invitation?

Yes, during the Create an Event Invitation wizard, choose the ‘Add another Event’ option.

On my account, there is no option for Events – is this something we need to add to our subscription?

If the Events Module does not appear in your account, contact your CSM or the Newsweaver Support Team to talk about enabling Events.

Can an invitee accept an invitation at first, and later decline?

Yes, recipients can change their mind on the initial invitation, you can also Edit an Event Response Manually.

Is there a waiting list for events that are full that can be used to follow up if a spot opens up.

Unfortunately there is no waiting list functionality.

If someone RSVPs and then I need to change the event location or time for an example, will that update everyone’s calendar invites?

No, once the original Calendar invite goes, only the invitee can change it. Send an Event Invite Follow-up which includes your time/location change and advise your invitee to manually change their calendar invite.

Is there an option for a re-occurring event, with a range of dates? (E.g. a class that happens every Wednesday for a month.)

The Events Module does not manage reoccurring events. Send a new invite for each event.

What is the complaints section in the report?

A complaint is generated when a recipient clicks the ‘Report Misuse’ link in the footer of the email, or marks your email as SPAM. Complainants are automatically unsubscribed from that Audience.

Where can I find a description of the specific features of each event type?

There are no detailed descriptions of the event types. The invite options available will be slightly different depending on what you choose.

Can I delete an Event?

You can Delete an Event Invitation when it’s in draft. You cannot delete an Event once it is live, due to it’s connection with your reporting.

Can I add an attachment to an Event?

You cannot add an attachment to an Event when creating it, but you can Upload a File and Link to It in the body of the Event email.

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