Add an Image

Images are a great way to capture the attention of your readers. Adding images to the cover page and articles in your newsletter helps to increase engagement.

There are a number of ways you can add images in Newsweaver. You can Add an Image using Placeholders or add an image in the Content Editor. If you would like to share multiple images, try ​Adding an Image Gallery.

Add an image to the body of your article/flyer using the insert/edit image icon on the Content Editor Toolbar by following the instructions below.

To Add an Image using the Content Editor:

  1. Edit an Article or a Rich Text Editable Content.
  2. Place your cursor to the left of the paragraph where you’d like your image to appear.
  3. Click the Insert Image icon in the Content Editor Toolbar.
  4. Select your file from your own computer, the Media Library in your account or an online URL. Then click Select.

    Note: You can use .jpeg, .png or.gif file types. (Gifs may not play in the inbox depending on the email client you are using).  
  5. Your image will appear with editable options. Use the Image Editor by clicking the pencil icon to make any visual changes to your image.

    Note: Larger images will be automatically resized to 600 px wide. This is the maximum width of your template.
  6. Make any necessary alterations to your image. You can change the Alignment of your image, add some Alternate Text to describe the image and add a Margin to put some space between the image and your text. When you are finished, choose Save.
  7. You can also manually change the size of your image within the Content Editor by selecting the image and dragging the corners to scale your image to the desired size.

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