Add an Image using Placeholders

Images are a great way to capture the attention of your readers. Adding images to your cover page and articles in newsletters helps to increase engagement. There are a number of ways you can add images in Newsweaver. You can Add an Image when editing Rich Text Areas, or you can add an image using article placeholders.

When you Edit an Article within a newsletter template, you’ll see two image placeholders; one beside the Summary and one beside the Full Story.

Using the image placeholder allows you to ‘drop’ your content into Newsweaver and allows your template to resize the image accordingly. We recommend you upload images that are 1000px wide or more. This will be best for high resolution display and for scaling images in a responsive design (where emails respond to display on mobile and tablet devices).

To Add an Image using a Placeholder

  1. Create an Article or Edit an Article.
  2. Drag and Drop your image or click the Placeholder you’d like to add an image to. Choose from your Media library or from your computer to insert an image.
  3. Your image is now automatically uploaded and resized to fit.

    • The Summary image placeholder controls the thumbnail image that appears next to that article on your newsletter cover page, in the inbox for your reader.
    • The Full Story Image placeholder adds an image to the article back-page, the content hosted online.
  4. Use the Image Editor by clicking on the pencil icon to make any necessary alterations to your image. You can remove your placeholder image by selecting the X icon.

    Note: To easily align images, especially those in two and three column layouts, we recommend choosing the same aspect ratio crop for your images in the Image Editor.
  5. You can also add Alt text below the placeholder.

    Note: Selecting the checkbox will display the Alt text as a caption beneath the image to your audience.
  6. Click Save to save your changes to the article.

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