Add Alt Text to an Image

Newsweaver’s in-built Image Editor allows you to easily Resize, Crop or Rotate to images within your communications. Every time you add an image to one of your articles the Image Editor will open; allowing you to adjust the image before it’s physically added to your article. Alternative text allows the content and function of an image to be understood by text-only readers.

Adding Alt Text to your images ensures that the image is described to those employees who either have images turned off in their emails or who don’t click to download images when they receive the email. Adding Alt Text is also considered best practice for increasing accessibility to your communications. Use the instructions below to add alt text to an image.

To Add Alt Text in the Image Editor:

  1. When you add an image, in the Image Editor, click ‘Alt text’.
  2. Enter your Alt Text and click ‘OK’.

    Note: The Alt Text will default to the file name of your image if you don’t specify otherwise. 
  3. Click ‘Save’ to save your Alt Text change.

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