Add a Personalized Greeting

Adding a personalized greeting to your communication (e.g. Hi John) is a great way to capture the attention of your audience and increase reader engagement. With Newsweaver you can tap into People data in your account and pull this data into an email, based on the Person receiving it. You can do this by inserting a content macro.

For Example, when sending to, you can start your articles with “Hi John”, pulling ‘John’ from the First Name Subscriber Data Field. The instructions for adding a personalized greeting to your email are below. You can also personalize your email’s subject line or personalize the sender details to further increase user engagement and capture the attention of your audience.


To Add a Personalized Greeting:

  1. Navigate to the Email you would like to add your personalized greeting to.
  2. Click the pen and paper icon to open the Article or Editable Content Area where you want to include the greeting.
  3. Add your greeting (e.g. Hi_) and place your cursor where you’d like the personalized greeting to go. Then, click the Insert Content Macro icon in the Editing Toolbar.
  1. In the Insert content macro window, select First Name as your Field. Then, click OK.

    Note: In the event a particular Subscriber does not have a First Name registered against their account, you can also enter a default entry in the or default to field; for instance, Reader, Customer or Friend.
  1. Your personalized greeting will now appear, where you placed your cursor, as a HTML code; e.g. Hi ${subscriber.field(‘name.firstName’)!’Reader’}.
  1. Click ‘Save’ to confirm the changes. When sending your communication, Newsweaver will use the code to pull your recipient’s first name into the email; ensuring each employee receives a version of the communication addressing them by their own name. (You can use this function to pull in other types of Subscriber Data to personalize your communication; for example City, Country or a Custom Field.)

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