Internal email newsletters make information manageable

“Information is Power; And Too Much Information Overwhelms workers” [Investor’s Business Daily]. This interesting article puts forth the idea that too much information in today’s economy simply overwhelms workers:

  • The proliferation of information sources and information stores makes it difficult for managers to find the true value in data.
  • Most companies spend 90% of time in gathering data, and only 10% analysing it.
  • Middle managers spend up to 2 hours a day searching for information to do their jobs, and more than 50% of the information they obtain has no value to them.
  • 59% said that as a consequence of poor information distribution, they miss information that might be valuable to their jobs almost every day because it exists somewhere else in the company and they just can’t find it. And 42% of respondents say they accidentally use the wrong data at least once weekly.
  • Just 26% of executives say their companies have formal, well-defined processes and practices for decision-making

To me this makes a very strong case for creating an internal email newsletter. A newsletter would allow all departments to collate into one source all the information that is of use and value. The newsletter functionality must include searchable archives. All data would be selected and presented with analysis as to why it’s useful and how it should be used within the company. Besides being incredibly cost effective, this will: cut down on the volume of internal emails, stop data from being scattered and lost across departments AND will place the information that SHOULD be used into a central location. I further cover this topic here. Includes what resources I think are required to manage corporate communications internally.

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