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Our platform is trusted and used by hundreds of internal communications teams worldwide, and in some of the world’s most security conscious organizations.

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Industry-leading Data Security

We frequently discuss our system with IT and Security experts from organizations across a huge range of industries. If you’d like us to speak with one of your internal experts, we’ll be more than happy to discuss any aspect of our service in detail.

How do we keep your data secure?

We’re ISO 27001 Accredited

We’re one of the only vendors in our industry to have achieved ISO 27001 accreditation, the International Information Security Standard.

We keep your content safe and secure

With Single Sign-On integration and IP Blocking, we can protect your data and ensure it’s only accessible from within your organization.

Newsweaver is Software as a Service

You don’t need to install any software, making it far easier to gain internal approval. Plus you’ll always have the latest and greatest version of our Product.

Minimal IT
work required

We’ll provide your IT team with information on the simple steps required to ensure your content stays secure and communications are delivered perfectly

The following features are all configurable on request
2 Factor Authentication available
Automatic lock out of users after 5 failed logins
Automatic lock out of IP addresses after 10 failed login attempts in 10 minutes
Require Security Question to validate new IP addresses
SSO for Administration System
SSO for Microsites
HTTPS required for access to system
Force TLS for all email exchanges
Full searchable Audit Log for customers built in to system
Role Based security system built in to application
External Application Penetration Testing every 6 months
Monthly Qualys tests on all external facing IP addresses

What our ISO 27001 accreditation means?

Newsweaver has always been committed to the protection of customer data. By attaining this standard we have demonstrated the level of importance we place on security and our continued dedication to ensuring the highest levels of security are always maintained.

Sean Griffin
Newsweaver’s Chief Technology Officer

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