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Newsweaver’s Enterprise Solution allows large, complex organizations to radically improve the way they communicate, while boosting consistency and control of messaging across the entire business.

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Organization-wide reporting

Monitor and measure communication performance across multiple accounts and users with powerful, enterprise-wide metrics.

Content Popularity

Get a clear picture of the effectiveness of email as a communication channel within your organization.

Track content popularity across the entire organization, and use this data to inform your content strategy.

Account Performance

Easily identify best and worst performing accounts, ensuring you’re able to spot areas of high and low engagement and take action.

Customize Reports

Layer employee data on top of email performance to identify trends that provide actionable insights to change and improve communications across your organization. Take a demo to see more enterprise-wide metrics.

Enterprise-wide Content Calendar

Provide all communications teams with more visibility
of when major messages are landing.

Planning Calendar

Help to improve scheduling and avoid email overload. Auto-populate a shared calendar providing details and dates of planned messages. Request a demo today.

Control from the center

Give all Internal Communicators across your organization the tools to improve their employee emails, while maintaining control and oversight of what they’re doing.

Account Management Design Solution to match your Org Structure

Create accounts for all your IC teams and group them to match your organization structure – allowing you to spot low and high areas of engagement and take action. See how this could work for your teams with an online demo.

User Permissions Powerful / Granular User Mgmt

Our flexible user management tools allow you to manage user permissions from one central dashboard – letting you reduce admin while maintaining overall control.

Audit Trail

The Enterprise Activity Stream provides a real-time view of activity across the organization, so you can easily see who is sending to who, what, where, when and how.

Access a full audit trail of all user activity for compliance and security purposes.

Usage Reports Measure User Engagement & Drive Adoption

Access powerful usage reports showing how well internal communicators are using the tool, letting you manage user licenses intelligently.

Content Collaboration

Share templates, images and best practice documents to ensure consistency of communication across all business areas.

Central Repository

Make it easy to collaborate across teams by storing best practice documents, images and article content in an easily-accessible central repository.

Template Library

Create a suite of centrally managed, brand-approved templates to ensure consistency of communication across all business areas. Let one of our experts show you some high impact design templates.

Cascade emails with targeted content

Encourage your regional teams to add local content to corporate newsletters, boosting relevancy and reducing email overload.

Global Communications

Use a Cascade process to allow local teams to add content relevant to their audience, before sending one global communication.

Dramatically reduce email overload by consolidating messages into a single email. A online demo of Internal Connect will show you how to dramatically reduce email overload by consolidating messages into a single email.

Newsweaver Internal Connect Enterprise

Give every communicator within your organization access to the tools and advice they need to raise their game, with a solution that’s uniquely tailored to match your organizational structure and business needs.

Plus give your central communications team more control and visibility of communication activity, and access to incredibly powerful metrics showing how email is used to communicate across your organization.

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