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Newsweaver Internal Connect is packed with features designed especially for Internal and Corporate Communicators. Here’s what makes us special.

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Create High-Impact Communications

Cut through inbox clutter with visually impressive templates unique to your business. Reach your entire audience with designs that can be viewed on any device. Include images, videos and more for an interactive reader experience.

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Branded Templates

Our talented designers will create unique, high-impact templates that both your employees and brand team will love.

Interactive Emails

Bring your emails to life by including images, video and other rich-media content for an engaging reader experience.

Device Friendly

Bring the entire organization into the conversation with template designs that work seamlessly on mobiles and other devices.

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Create highly targeted employee lists, segmented by job title, location, language, seniority and more.

Content Targeting

Boost the relevancy of your communications by delivering personalized versions of the same email, combining global and local content unique to the reader.

Measure Your Success

Monitor email performance and track how your audience responds to every message you send. See who is and isn’t reading emails, and shape your content strategy with powerful insights into content popularity and engagement. Let one of our IC experts show you how to boost your credibility with actionable intelligence that demonstrates ROI.

Metrics Dashboard

Get an instant view of key performance results for every email you send. Take the guesswork out of Internal Comms with data that gives you influence.

Content Popularity

Find out what content your employees do and don’t respond to. Measure content popularity and engagement by individual, business unit or location.

Click Maps

View a heat map of employee click activity so that you make informed decisions about how to boost visibility of important content.

Platform Metrics

Gather important intelligence on how employees consume messages by analysing the devices, email clients and browsers used by your audience.

Custom Reports

Illustrate the impact of your communications and improve your internal reporting with visually impactful, custom reports based on your KPI’s.

Benchmark Statistics

See how your results stack up against other IC teams across all industries or within your own sector with our aggregated benchmark stats.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Maximize your investment and drive adoption of your SharePoint® Intranet with Newsweaver integrations.

Adoption & Engagement
Increase traffic to your intranet with dedicated employee emails that signpost to content on the intranet, bringing employees (even laggards) repeatedly to your intranet.
Measure Impact of Email
Better understand intranet usage, analyze and understand the content and signposts your audience responds to, giving insights to shape future communications.
Share your Results
Demonstrate ROI to stakeholders with a metrics dashboard, gives you the ability to illustrate your successes with real data and business insight.
Increased Productivity
Increased productivity for you and your team by easily adding content from SharePoint to employee emails created in Newsweaver.
Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration

Champion Two-Way Communication

Unlike traditional email, Newsweaver’s social features allow you to start conversations with every communication you send. Encourage employees to participate with comments, ratings and ‘likes’, surveys and polls.

Smarter Event Management

Manage all aspects of your events from one simple system. Send branded event invitations and targeted follow-ups, manage registrations and then measure your success – while maximizing attendance and delivering better events.

Automated Event Registration
Our simple registration process makes it easy for invitees to sign up. Powerful metrics allow you to track responses and send targeted follow-ups to maximise attendance.
Collect Questions in advance
Take control of your Q&A sessions by encouraging employees to post questions in advance, allowing you to brief speakers on key themes.
Calendar Friendly
Outlook Calendar files are automatically included in your invites, enabling invitees to add reminders direct to their calendar with one click.
Multi-Event Emails
Create event campaigns with multiple locations, dates and times – giving your invitees more options and increasing their likelihood of attending.

Boost Productivity

Achieve better results while saving time and effort. Our system is purpose built for Internal and Corporate Communicators, and gives you complete control over every aspect of your communication.

Simple, Intuitive System

With Newsweaver’s intuitive, easy-to-use system the technology fades into the background, letting you focus on creating engaging content.

Send and Review

Get feedback and approval from internal stakeholders before sending any communication using our simple Send and Review tool.

Scheduled Sends

Improve the way you communicate across time zones. With scheduled sends you choose exactly when employees receive a message.

Help just a phone call away

Our friendly support team is on hand to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it.

Online Library

Manage and share email content in one place. Store documents, files, images and rich-media in Newsweaver so you can collaborate easily with others.

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