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Employee Engagement | Success at Google, Deloitte and Mercedes-Benz

In reading over the latest Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, it’s immediately apparent to me that the most profitable companies in the world are also the best companies to work for. But is this profitability a product of employee engagement? It appears so, as these same profitable companies – according to findings in a

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7 steps to fostering effective leader internal communications

This cartoon made me smile – and grimace – because it shows how much IC has changed.  The role of  internal communications once was simply pushing  a message top-down through an organization – and assuming it had been understood, no matter who (or what type) leader was sending it.  Today, the leader – ranging from

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Internal Communication Benchmark Statistics

Metrics and measurement are an integral part of Employee Engagement. Email provides real insight into which of your employees or groups are most or least engaged. Here are some Internal Communication benchmark statistics based on Newsweaver’s customers: Benchmark Internal Email Campaigns from Claire O'Brien

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