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Internal Communications Insight – Angela Sinickas

Today’s insightful view into measurement is provided by Angela Sinickas, ABC, CEO of Sinickas Communications, Inc., a management consulting firm focused on measuring the effectiveness of stakeholder communications. The firm’s client list includes 25% of both the Forbes 100 largest global companies and the Fortune 100 largest US companies.     What was your path

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Workshop: Are your internal communications getting lost in the inbox?

I’ll be in Chicago this Thursday (6th) and Friday (7th) to conduct a workshop at the┬áRagan 2014 Best Practices in Internal Communications Summit March 6th, Thursday, looks to be a great day with these three workshops: Secrets to an award-winning intranet, A look at social media within the organization … I’ll be talking about creating

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Think beyond the written word for your internal communications

One of my favorite tips that I like to share about communicating effectively is to think beyond the written word. Why internal communications should move beyond the written word On average people spend sixty seconds on text-only web pages. Research has found that adding in multimedia content such as video and images can increase engagement

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Only 16% are satisfied with their ability to measure Internal Communication

Internal communicators know how important it is to measure their communications. However there is an industry wide lack of access to real-time metrics that gives insight into the success of communications. This has been confirmed by many surveys, including our recent Newsweaver / Melcrum IC and Technology Survey 2014, which found only 16% are satisfied

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What did my peers say?

Internal Communication and Technology Survey 2014 We’ve been busy collating the results from the Internal Communication and Technology Survey 2014, run in partnership with Melcrum in December last year. Over five hundred respondents participated. They were located around the world, spread over twelve industries participated – and ranged from SMB to global enterprises. The results

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Segment your internal communications to build better employee engagement

Employee engagement within your organization is made up of two factors: Hearts (emotional commitment) and Minds (rational commitment). Do employees understand where we are heading (Minds)? And do they really care (Hearts)? Research by Ipsos MORI into more than 300 UK companies measured this employee engagement emotional buy-in as well as intellectual understanding. They segmented

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