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Is Content King?

content king

Author: Andrew Blacknell In the last couple of weeks, I led two sessions on “change leadership” for two different clients as part of day-long workshops with leadership teams facing very significant change.  They were well received but I left one feeling like I had missed a Kairos moment and the other thinking we didn’t address

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Connecting Internal Communication Strategy to Business Strategy for Big Results

Communication Strategy

Many businesses under-perform because functional department strategies such as communication strategy are misaligned with the overarching business strategy. The misalignment diffuses energy and saps productivity. It’s also avoidable. Last year I went to New Orleans to conduct a special three-hour workshop at the World Conference of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). This confirmed my

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Employee engagement and the power of purpose: why a respectful dialogue is more important than any office perks


In the first of a two-part series, internal communications specialist David Kenny explores why a sense of purpose is so important in the workplace to foster real employee engagement. The more complex our world gets, the busier we are, the more ‘reductionist’ our perspective can become. Really easily, we can be pushed into a place

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Review of HRD Summit 2017

We love a good trade show at Newsweaver. We are very partial to the intimate and friendly events that are synonymous with the internal communications industry: SMILE, Melcrum, and ALI, to name a few. This year, however, in addition to our usual favorites, we decided to venture into the formerly unknown territory of the HR

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Top Tips for Creating a Corporate Newsroom

Corporate Newsroom

Our webinar with Abigail Levene and James Curtis of Stampa Communications on the Rise of the Corporate Newsroom was a huge success. Abigail and James know what they’re talking about, having introduced newsroom strategies and techniques to many successful organizations. We’ve distilled the main takeaways from the webinar in a handy tip sheet which is

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