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How to create a successful communication plan

communication plan

How to create a successful communication plan? Engage stakeholders and plan it carefully. Benjamin Franklin might never have been President of the United States but he is remembered for words as wise as any uttered by the many famous Presidents remembered for theirs. His quote that nothing can be said to be certain in this

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Technology as an enabler for effective internal communication

The internal communicators channel toolkit is ever expanding and this expansion allows for a greater opportunity to capture your audience’s attention and enhance communications within an organization. However, communicators can quickly find they are beginning to send very disparate communications and unable to measure the interaction and effectiveness of the message. Without knowing who has

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How to become a Strategic Advisor… We answer your questions

Strategic advisor

Newsweaver webinars are really on a roll. Interest is at an all time high and guest presenters are providing fantastic key takeaways which are practical, useful and implementable to all types of organizations. The February 2017 webinar with leadership expert Jim Shaffer on How to add measurable results and value as a strategic advisor was

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