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Content for internal communication audit surveys. What questions should be asked?

Internal communication audit

Internal communications expert Angela Sinickas says that when you need a comprehensive overall assessment of your entire internal communication audit program, you should consider including questions in the following categories: Communication Climate How strong are various aspects of the communication environment: timeliness, accuracy, transparency, relevance, even handedness in covering the bad/good, upward communication opportunities, and

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Effective Use of Apps For Managing Remote Employees

Managing Remote Employees

Over 70% of today’s workforce no longer work at a desk. What does this mean for organizations who want to have an engaged workforce but struggle to communicate with their remote, disconnected employees? It means communicators must have a multi-channel approach to their communications for managing remote employees, and one such form of communication can

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How to Use an Employee Communication App Effectively

employee communication app

Not long ago a downpour hit St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, flooding the front driveway just as employees were arriving at TradeWinds Island Resorts. “When things like that pop up, then you need to communicate with employees quickly,” says Don Wooldridge, vice president of culture development and training at the tourist destination. “So I was able

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Intranets – handbook for Intranet managers


Foreword: Brian Lamb, co-founder of Intranet Now is one of the leading and most respected voices when it comes to intranets. We approached Brian to write a short piece previewing a new book which is an anthology of modern intranets written by some of the world’s leading experts. We highly recommend this book if you

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Employee Experience and Employee Engagement – the long and the short of it!


By Donna Burtchaell We are experiencing an era of accelerating innovation and disruption where digital transformation is the norm. Openness and transparency are on the rise and employees are now recognized as powerful brand ambassadors, and perception shapers, critical to the all-important customer experience. You could say that employee experience defines customer experience. Employees are

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Regifting Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)


Regifting ESNs with a little help from Seinfeld. Every Christmas my niece and I partake in our annual tradition of buying each other useless, pointless gifts. My particular favorites, that I have received, were the framed picture of the Bebb (he rocks), closely followed by a supply of gerbil feed, which is just what a

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