Marketers are increasing the use of video in email marketing campaigns

Marketing Council, ReelSEO and Flimp Media Marketers reports an increase amongst marketers using video in their email marketing campaigns. While most survey respondents already use video as part of their website marketing content (83.9%) and for YouTube marketing (65.2%), an increasing number say they’re now using it specifically for video email marketing – or as an enhancement in their email newsletters.

Include videos in your email marketing campaigns

Forrester found that when marketers included a marketing or explainer video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% to 300%. If you are going to use video in your email marketing campaigns, such as email newsletters, here are some tips:

1. Support both web and mobile video formats – Plan to accommodate both desktop and smartphone viewing by ensuring that where you host your video is set to permit playback on smart devices and support both Flash and HTML5 formats.

2. Create an image and link it to your video  – Give a visual cue through the use of an image. Use a thumbnail image of the video – including the play button.  Link the image to the video. When the recipient clicks the image,  it takes them to the video.

3. Include a text link to the video – Don’t assume your subscribers are viewing emails with images on. It’s a good idea to create a text link below any rich media you feature in your email marketing campaigns. Include the length of the video in the text link giving viewers extra information that will incite them to watch the video. (BTW, research shows that the optimum video length that attracts attention and viewership for marketing videos is ninety seconds.)

 4. Include the word video in your subject line – Don’t forget to increase your chances of an open by including the word video in your subject line.

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