Four takeaways from Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit 2012 in Las Vegas

I attended the recent Marketing Sherpa Email Summit 2012. They throw a great conference because they are case study intensive, so you’re hearing in the trenches insight. I thought I’d pull together a few of the main takeaways to share with you:

1. It’s about empowering your customer – A common thread throughout the talks: in the internet age the customer IS in charge. Use this information to your benefit by giving customers choice in what they want to receive from you, when they want to receive it from you and how they want to receive it from you.

2. Integrate wherever you can – Connect up all your marketing, content and channels. Get that sorted as soon as possible – the world is hurtling towards a connect-one-way future, and you want to be in that future.

3. Review your value proposition – Always check that you have set goals for each send. Then, check that your value proposition is tested, is clear, engages and invites action. This seems a glaringly obvious one – but we forget to check it.

4. Source content ideas from your staff and customers. Talk to customer and lead facing staff and ask them what are the most common questions they get. Use that to write up content for your email newsletters. Another great content idea: address pain points that buyers need to know about your product – tackle head on how it compares with products that compete with you. Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion used his product as an example: He sells fiberglass pools, and goes up against concrete pools. He writes articles about the pros and cons. They are an extremely effective source of leads.

Interesting factoids:

  • Tools and platforms may change – but human relationships will remain the same important element within your business model.
  • Your subscriber is going through their inbox to eliminate, not to engage with emails in their inbox. So, your goal is to not get eliminated and encourage engagement. A challenge indeed – but good point to remember as you craft the from field, subject line.
  • MarketingSherpa sited 78% of B2B sales that starts with a web query will go to the first responder. (Make sure you have in place immediate contact when someone contacts you!)
  • In a Microsoft case study the presenters found that a 90-second video is the ideal length.

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