Interactive Newsletters

Newsweaver’s unique multi-page newsletter technology is proven to keep readers engaged for longer.

Interactive Newsletters

Teaser articles

These are aimed at attracting reader attention on the front page and enticing click-through for more detailed articles on other pages.

Include multimedia

Easily embed videos, surveys, forms, polls and other interactive multi-media to boost user engagement.

Add social sharing

Allow your entire newsletter or articles to be shared in real-time across your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Event Management

Get maximum value from your events – including optimum attendance, send branded invitations, manage registrations and easily set sign-up limits.

Event Management

Get real impact

Stand out in the inbox with on-brand, visually stunning event invitations that support rich media, including video.

Automated registration

Send customized invitations with automated confirmations and calendar invitations.

Audience insights

Powerful event metrics show who has registered, declined or not opened their invite. Identify low uptake early, take action with follow-up emails to boost attendance.

Insights / Metrics

With lots of email tracking and reporting tools at your fingertips, getting data you need to make informed strategic decisions couldn’t be easier, ultimately improving your email marketing strategy and performance.

Insights / Metrics

Quick-view dashboard

Get snapshots of relevant high-level metrics like opens, clicks, delivery reports, and engagement over time, in one convenient location.

Click Maps

Like heat-map images of your email click-through rates, Click Maps give instant visual snapshots of your readers’ interaction with your content.

Set benchmarks

Get a quarterly, six-months or yearly view on your results. Use it to set benchmarks and monitor results over time.

Measure interactivity

Track the results of social networking and interactive features embedded into your emails.

Customize reports

Customize a report that tracks the metrics you’re interested in, and we’ll automatically compile it and send it to the relevant members of your team.

Get clean lists

Newsweaver automatically manages and reports on important metrics like email delivery rates, bounced email addresses and subscribers who have opted out.

Find out what works

Get easy-to-interpret summary reports for all content activity or specific articles, links or landing pages. Then drill down for more detail.

Google Analytics

Track your subscribers beyond their email and onto the web by integrating Google Analytics campaign codes into your email campaigns.


Marketers who segment their email list see better open rates, lower opt-out and unsubscribe rates, along with better deliverability, increased sales, and greater revenue.


Easy-to-use tools

Whether you want to segment by location, industry, age, sex, or higher level segmenting by subscriber behavior, it’s simple with Newsweaver.

Automatic lists

After you define your segmentation criteria, Newsweaver automatically creates lists, adding any new subscribers as soon as they meet that criteria.

Behavioral segmentation

Using behavioral triggers with demographic data allows you to target email content much more effectively, increasing engagement and conversion.

Social Media Tools

One click sharing to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter gives your content the potential to reach far beyond the traditional confines of the inbox.

Customize and win

Add a customizable email newsletter subscribe box to your website and social sites. It’s easy to embed on your website and social network pages.

Measure social

Make the most of on-demand reports on your company’s social networks activity, and understand which networks are most effective for your business.

Extend content reach

Encourage subscribers to share your content with their own social media followers – the entire newsletter or just articles that interest them.

Get more feedback

Add features such as article rating, commenting, feedback forms, surveys and find out how your readers feel about your content, products and offers.

Share via email

Allow readers to forward your newsletter to their email contacts with their own personalized message.

Embed a Twitter feed

Bring the social conversation to life by adding a live Twitter feed as part of your email newsletter design.

Get More Personal

With Newsweaver you can move beyond the simple “Dear John” and personalize the content of your email newsletter. Result: far higher levels of employee engagement.

Get More Personal

Personalize articles

Tailor your emails with individual articles, groups of articles, images, even entire sections of your newsletter, aimed at specific subscriber groups.

Personalize words

Appeal to varied groups with language that resonates with them. Replace specific words and phrases to match sector, market, reader or business needs.

Local and regional

Give readers content that is tailored and relevant to where they are, including local events, offers and goods or services available in their region.

Historical behavior

Easily personalize messages based on a subscriber's history, including past purchases, registered interests, events attended and web usage patterns.

Your Security

We know how critically important your data protection is. That is why we are security-certified to the highest international standard (ISO 27001) and are trusted by security-conscious organizations.

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