Excellent example of a 3rd party promotional mail

Third party promotional emails are sent to subscribers who have given permission to the list owner to send emails to them from other companies. These are generally sent in addition to the company’s regular mailings.

A list rental is the purchase of access to an email list that has this type of permission from their subscribers. Marketers who want to buy into this kind of access have many things to consider – I’ve written about renting lists before. Once the marketer has maneuvered through all the issues – and everything is done in a legal, best practice manner on both sides – the final hurdle will be how the emails are presented and perceived when the recipient receives that third party promotion.

I recently received one that does an excellent job of branding and introducing a ‘third party’. It is from the Chief Marketer email newsletter – and I did give them permission at sign up to send third party mailings to me.

This particular third party mailing promotes the upcoming MarketingSherpa Email Summit event. I’ve included a cropped version of the email below, noting the three touch points that clearly brand and identify quickly to the recipient.

1- Inbox: The from field immediately lays out the existing relationship (Chief Marketer) and includes the ‘guest’ in this particular email (MarketingSherpa)

2- Preview Pane: Above the body of the email, ensuring it is seen by everyone – even if viewed in the preview pane, text saying that the message was sent by Chief Marketer on behalf of MarketingSherpa.

3-Unsubscribe: And the really smart final touch is separating out the unsubscribe options. The recipient can choose to: not receive any more third party promotional emails, or not receive any more promotional emails from MarketingSherpa itself through any other mailing lists that the subscriber may be on.

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