Emailing to house list both highly effective and commonly used

MarketingSherpa charts offer interesting insight into what your peers in the industry are saying about various aspects of their email marketing efforts. This new chart shows what B2B Marketers are finding to be effective tactics:

House Lists offer best results

Emailing to house lists is by far the most commonly used email marketing tactic, as nearly ALL of the B2B organisations participating in this year’s study indicated that they currently practice it. Past surveys have indicated that marketing to house lists get the best results.

Communicating with those who want to hear from you puts you way ahead of the ‘hope they are interested’ types of mailings to rented lists, etc. No surprise to find that the LEAST effective methods in this survey are “emailing to third-party lists” and “including offers in third-party email newsletters”. (If you do choose to go this route, set your goals to getting as many opt-ins to your own house list as possible.)

Testing Subject lines most effective, easiest to implement tactic

Only 50% of B2B organisations participating in this year’s study indicated that they were currently testing subject lines. This is a misssed opportunity because testing subject lines can increase results dramatically – and it is easy to do, with very little (if any) additional costs. If you’re not testing you’re missing out on this: It has been rated by B2B email marketers in previous surveys as a top effective email marketing tactic.

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