Email Testing: more specific subject line improves open rate by more than 35%

A recent Marketing Sherpa email newsletter subject line test reviewed by Marketing Experiments highlights the importance of taking the time to select and test phrases that catches the interest of your audience.

What: A MarketingSherpa workshop – their tests concentrated on the use of two different phrases.

1) New B2B Marketing Certification Workshop
2) New Lead Generation Certification Workshop

“B2B Marketing” vs. “Lead Generation”. Which resonates with the recipients? Marketing Experiments, which reviewed the results, says it appears that the more specific title did increase the open rate in this test. Flint McGlaughlin of Marketing Experiments thinks that “lead generation” may have generated more results because “B2B is expressing a category and Lead Generation is expressing a solution. B2B only tells someone the category of the enterprise. Lead Gen tells someone the nature of the solution. People are more interested in solutions then they are in titles.”

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