Email Marketing Insight Report 2013

This is the fifth year we’ve been surveying Irish marketers to gain insight into how they are using email within their overall marketing strategy. The 2013 survey will be of interest to those who’d like to gain insight into the emerging trends and attitudes towards email marketing in Ireland.

Increasing the effectiveness of email marketing

Once again email marketing is considered an essential channel for the majority of respondents. What’s interesting to see is a steady move away from very basic email marketing tools, such as Outlook, to more
sophisticated cloud-based software that can take advantage of advances in digital marketing – such as embedding videos.

It is no surprise that the result of this is a notable increase in the uptake in implementation of advanced email marketing techniques, including personalization, beyond the use of name and salutation.

The use of email to drive social strategies is now considered a given with marketers. Mobile optimisation trends very strongly this year, with 55% planning to optimise emails for mobile within the next twelve months.

We included a few new questions, including the rating of channel effectiveness for growing an in-house mailing list. The top two winning tactics: Registration during purchase and Competitions. The least effective (by a large margin) was list rental.

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