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Driving the success of your social strategy with email marketing

  August 14, 2014

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Newsweaver named one of the Best Places to Work 2015

February 26, 11:04 AM BY Claire O' Brien

Newsweaver has been named as one of the Best Places to Work  2015  in the SME category listing published by The Great Place To Work Institute Ireland on 25 February 2015. This is the first time the company has submitted an entry for consideration and has been ranked among the top tier of places to… Read more »

The three elements that will determine the success of your survey

February 23, 1:26 PM BY denise cox

Here are three elements of a survey that can lead to failure or success: 1. The survey is complicated or confusing To fail: Questions are double-barreled or measure two different things. Both negatively worded and positively worded statements are used in the survey. Different rating scales are used. These types of questions provide mixed results, as… Read more »

Driving the success of your social strategy with email marketing

August 14, 3:33 PM BY denise cox

What is the secret to success in today’s digital world? It’s moving beyond marketing in silos – to a multichannel strategy where email and social media work together. Here are three tips to help you make email the glue in your social media strategy: 1- Share your social networks in your newsletter Promote your company’s… Read more »

Videos in email marketing … what’s best right now?

April 30, 9:32 AM BY denise cox

The possibility of playing video directly within an email has been ‘on the horizon’ and rising quickly. Video in email marketing Smartphones (esp iOS), using HTML5, can now support video playing in email clients. Embedding videos vs linking to videos is something marketers need to revisit in their email marketing strategy on a regular basis…. Read more »

Heartbleed Bug update for Newsweaver email marketing customers

April 15, 8:46 AM BY denise cox

You may have read in the news about a recent security issue called the “Heartbleed Bug”. Since it impacts internet based services, I thought I’d do a quick blog update to let you know how our security team responded here at Newsweaver. First of all – what is the “Heartbleed Bug”? The Heartbleed Bug is… Read more »

Channel that consumers trust most: email

April 4, 12:21 PM BY denise cox

The DMA UK has just released new research:  Customer Acquisition Barometer 2014, for any marketers who are placing an emphasis this year on building an in-house database of leads, this will make for interesting reading. Great news for email marketing Consumers say the best channels for getting the information they want is email and the… Read more »

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