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Newsweaver and the Marketing Institute are running our annual Email Marketing Insights Survey. First launched in 2009 – we’re now five years into this insight survey into what Irish marketers are doing with email. What’s changed? Well, what hasn’t changed is that year in and year out the participants have said email is an essential part of their marketing efforts. But, there’s no denying email is evolving in this digital age. I’m keen to see how respondents are handling challenges such as the rise (and rise) of mobile email usage. I’m also going to watch closely to see how marketers say they are integrating other channels, such as social, into their email marketing communications.

Email is and remains a powerful communication channel. You probably already know that it’s immediate and measurable.  But you may not realise how easy it is to bring tomorrow’s world into today’s inbox. Emails can deliver the same experience we expect to find everywhere in the world today – if you are using the right technology.  They can be designed to be scannable, offer dynamic choice, include rich media and facilitate immediate two-way conversations.


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If you are a Irish marketer, and you use email in your strategy, please take our short email marketing survey. As a thank you, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of the report – plus an invite to my webinar taking attendees through the 2013 results, with some best practice tips mixed in ….

Email Marketing Insight Survey 2013

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