An email content strategy should include sharing content within your organisation

Social networks have put ‘social’ and ‘sharing’ into every aspect of business. This includes sharing content from your emails.

You should have a content sharing strategy in place because it will extend the reach of your message beyond your own subscribers. There are two aspects of this: 1) to share your email content within your own social networks, as well as 2) give your readers the ability to share your email content within their social networks.

Here’s another ‘shareworthy’ idea for you … share your email content within your own organisation. Since sourcing content remains a top challenge for marketers (68% according to a recent MarketingSherpa survey) the side benefit of doing this means you’ll be helping your co-workers source relevant content. First, conduct an audit within your organization amongst those who are creating and sending email marketing campaigns. This will identify who might benefit from sharing content. Articles might need to be tweaked with personalization or a different call to action to make it relevant to their audience, but that’s easily done. Don’t forget to review both written and all rich media content sources – such as videos, podcasts or images.

To aid this idea of “sharing”, we’ve just introduced a feature called LibraryLink. This function makes it easy to implement content sharing within your organisation.  LibraryLink enables Newsweaver clients with multiple accounts to share content such as articles, images, videos, logos and podcasts etc. across the entire organisation’s account. The built-in Monitoring Dashboard provides shared content activity metrics, helping stakeholders determine the most popular and effective content to share going forward.

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