Econsultancy Report reveals 46% surge in marketing emails sent

Over the past few months both print and social have featured articles saying email marketing is dead or on its way out. But numerous recent surveys show that email remains a popular channel with both consumers and in business. While there are a number of new challenges facing email marketing campaigns in order to stand out in the inbox – there are also new opportunities and a range of statistics that show that email marketing is just as important now than ever before.

MarketingSherpa’s 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report showed that 60% of marketers believed that email marketing is producing an ROI and 32% believe it will eventually produce an ROI.

The current DMA UK’s Benchmarking 2013 report reveals a 46% surge in sent emails.

More recently, Econsultancy published their 2013 Email Marketing Platforms Buyers Guide – which assesses the UK marketplace for email services from the perspective of the buyer. The report contains an overview of market trends and profiles of 21 companies offering email marketing platforms and email-related services. To download the full guide

The guide reveals a robust marketplace for email marketing:

  • UK market for email marketing platforms and services will be worth an estimated £495 million by the end of 2013
  • The market grew by 13% in 2012 to a value of £438 million, and will grow by a further 13% in 2013
  • Email’s efficiency, reliability and relative transparency have helped secure budget allocation
  • Email creates the best return for brands when it is integrated with other channels
  • Email continues to deliver strong and measurable return on investment

The guide also points out a few challenges that marketers must meet in order to get the most effective ROI from their campaigns:

  • As consumer touch points proliferate, cross-channel marketing is essential
  • Data-driven email strategy drives efficiency – but few take advantage of their data
  • Design plays an important role in reaching today’s consumers – as mobile access to email grows

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