Good list hygiene helps the delivery of your emails

Getting delivered into your subscribers’ inbox involves a variety of elements that all add up to what the industry refers to as a “good sender reputation”. Your sender reputation indicates to ISPs the trustworthiness of the source of the email that is being delivered, and they then allow the email to be delivered.

Delivery and deliverability are huge topics within the area of email marketing. For this post I’m focusing on one factor that you can control easily – and that is by practicing good list hygiene. List hygiene is the management of your email database so that you are sending emails to addresses that are active. In fact, good list hygiene can improve your reputation as a sender.

An essential part of list hygiene is monitoring bounces after a send. A bounced email, or a “bounce-back” is a general term when the system was not able to deliver the email to that subscriber. This can happen for a number of reasons; for example, invalid addresses (ie users cancel their subscriptions to the email provider, addresses are spelled incorrectly), and there can be other reasons such as  mailbox full, or network problems.

It is important to remove addresses that are invalid, rather than just keeping them on the mailing list and sending to them over and over again.  This is because a high bounce rate can damage your sender reputation.  Particularly damaging are bounces because the address has been identified as invalid.

The Newsweaver integrated bounce manager lets you automatically and/or manually manage your bounced emails.

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