Don’t put it off – pledge to test the subject line before your next send

One of the top reasons email marketing’s so powerful is the fact that you can test elements of your emails to improve results for this mailing – or for the next mailing. Marketing Sherpa surveys reveals that testing elements of your email marketing can increase your results by 67%.

Pretty compelling reasons to test; but the reality is many marketers don’t take advantage of this feature in email because of time and/or data constraints.

So, I want to propose a very easy test – one that is simple, effective and can give you that lift in opens and clicks.

And what is that you ask?  It’s the subject line.

Industry benchmarks reveal that marketers who A-B test their email campaigns have achieved up to 11% better open rates and 17% more clicks. So why not apply this A-B test concept to your subject line?  It’s one of the most significant elements in getting your email opened – and testing won’t require much heavy lifting in your Newsweaver account. If you feel challenged about crafting subject lines – my colleague Denise Cox has written a blog post about what to test in a subject line.

Our own A-B Split Testing facility makes it so easy to test your email marketing campaigns. Insert up to 3 subject lines, and the system automatically sends tests to 20% of your list. The winning subject line is then automatically sent to the remaining 80% of your list. Here’s a short video showing you how to use the A-B Split Testing facility in Newsweaver.

Don’t put it off – pledge to test the subject line before your next send.

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