Doing a CSI on your email marketing results

Are you reviewing how your email marketing campaigns are performing? I call it “doing a CSI” on your email marketing. Instead of just saying that you’re not getting the opens and clicks you expected, you actually get stuck into by conducting forensic examinations into every aspect of the campaigns – from template, content, subject line and from field.

This is not a formal list, but just a few top level thoughts so you can get an idea of the process you should go through.

Have you stated what results you want from your mailings? Are you measuring conversions to understand if you are getting these results?

If you feel your results are very low, first take a look at your bounce, complaint and unsubscribe rates. Combined these can give insight into whether your subscribers are pushing back and treating your emails as spam – which in turn impacts delivery.

Are you trending your metrics? Rather than micro-managing your email marketing issue by issue, trend using your metrics reports your open/clicks across more than one issue to get a bigger picture of reader engagement. For example, for a monthly publication look across three issues, for a weekly publication look across two months. You’ll most likely find a huge increase in your percentages of engagement – that’s because most of subscribers don’t open every single one of your emails. But they will have opened at least one of three that you sent.

It’s important not to focus only on what people did – but also on what they did NOT do. Keep track to find out how many haven’t opened any of your emails over a defined period of time, such as six months. Target this very inactive group with a special offer to see if you can activate their interest.

Are you testing to find out what works best for your audience? Don’t assume the day and time you’ve always been sending is best – test all seven days of the week, and also time of day. Test the subject line, test the offer, etc. You want to keep working on targeting your emails (as in who receives what and when), crafting the offers and working to ensure you use the best subject line to entice and open.

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