Email marketing is producing measureable ROI for marketers

Does email marketing produce measureable ROI? Yes, it certainly can. MarketingSherpa recently posted a chart laying out the results of their question “Which statement best describes your organization’s perception of email marketing’s ROI (return on investment) at budget time?”

Marketers say there is ROI value in email marketing

Email marketing is producing an ROI for 60% of marketers

Why is email marketing producing an ROI for so many? As one marketer responded to MarketingSherpa, “ROI on email marketing is easier to measure/test/optimize. Social media is time-consuming and ROI is difficult to measure.” Another marketer responded more broadly, “Email helps us stay top of mind with customers and prospects.”

The research firm says that not all marketers have already documented an ROI for email marketing, but many who haven’t yet do have faith (32%) that they will. One marketer’s goal was to “develop a more consistent email marketing schedule with interesting content, which delivers a measurable positive ROI.”

Less than 4% say that email marketing is unlikely to produce an ROI – and this may be related to not having metrics available to them from their campaigns.

If you’re an Irish marketer, you will find the new Email Marketing Insight Report of great interest. Newsweaver and the Marketing Institute conducted their fifth annual run of the survey to get insight into the marketing landscape and the use of email by marketers – how it has changed, benchmark stats, and trends going forward.

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