Designs we love: The Bond Buzz Newsletter

“What I love most about the new BOND Buzz design is the flexibility; Bond can now create four very different style newsletters from one template.”

Our customer, Bond Adapt, felt ‘The BOND Buzz’ existing design was in need of a general update, which included refreshing the layout, and updating the look and feel to tie in with their new branding.

My approach was to strip away areas in the design that were compartmentalising stories. Unless the newsletter needs to consistently accommodate more than ten stories in every issue, I feel its best to keep things simple and let the article titles draw readers into the stories.

My next challenge was to create flexibility in their newsletter design template. Something that would allow Bond to use the template as a full newsletter one month, and as a stripped down single article update the next month. I accomplished this by keeping the mandatory features, such as useful links and contact points at the top and bottom of the page. With everything else in place, I applied the new branding to give the template a finished look.”

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