A data strategy that doubled open rates

I conducted a webinar this week all about data – taking the audience through five steps to creating a data strategy, and lots of examples of data sourcing and using data in emails.

I included a case study I wrote recently about Structured Credit Investors (SCI). SCI provides investors with time-sensitive in-depth analysis of the structured credit industry via a paid-subscription website and email newsletter.

Challenge: SCI wanted to utilise the data they had for both their retention and lead email marketing programmes. They wanted to create highly personalized emails featuring only the content and sections in the newsletters that each paid-subscriber had selected. In addition, SCI wanted to use data to create a sales cycle to move subscribers of the free-edition of the publication to the paid edition.

Using Newsweaver they maximised their data by building an API (see below for definition of API) between their proprietary CRM system and Newsweaver so data could be used in both directions. They used the data from their website that was shared via their API to generate dynamic content per their subscribers’ preferences. This included personalising the subject line.

They saw a number of benefits from using their data – by pulling in content and data from their website they decreased time spent creating/sending campaigns, and in turn could create more personalized emails. Using data they were also able to target where the subscriber was in the sales cycle and incentivise sign up to the paid edition.

They have seen their open rates double, and have been able to create a robust series of sales cycle emails that successfully moves new subscribers from free trial to paid subscription.

The entire case study is here. And you can watch the whole webinar here for many more examples and ideas

** An Application Programming Interface (API) enables your developers to create software that shares data between your internal systems and Newsweaver. You can sync your internal database with your subscriber information and activity from Newsweaver to learn more about your customers.

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