Click maps: Easily review content popularity and template design

I’m very excited about the Click Map feature just launched here at Newsweaver. This post-send report provides a visual ‘big picture’ of all click activity within a specific edition of your newsletter. You’ll see how many clicks each link received – and on every single page of that edition. Plus, each click tab is colour-coded so you can assess where your hottest performers happened in the publication (red, most popular, yellow and then blue for least active. (Click on image for a full-size view)

This is something I’ve been doing manually as part of my consultation with clients. I printed out an edition of a publication and wrote the number of clicks next to each link. It always brings the raw metrics of a mailing to life.

So, how can a Click Map help you improve your results going forward?

First, it’s ‘big picture’ easy to see:

  • What content didn’t get responses
  • What links got the most attention
  • Over a series of mailings it may help you spot parts of your design that are causing content blind spots

What to do with this information? Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Repeat content that didn’t get the clicks. There are a number of reasons a link didn’t get clicked, such as text too long and they didn’t bother reading, text didn’t compel them to click. Rewrite your synopsis and run the article again.
  • Check your calls to action – should ‘read more’ be changed to ‘register now’ or something more active and relevant to that content?
  • If areas of your newsletter never get clicks, tease the content in that section higher up in the newsletter – such as the pre-text area or the preview pane.
  • Another solution to getting better clicks involves your newsletter template design: if you don’t have a permanent area of your template that serves as a table of contents area, consider adding one. It should be viewable in the preview pane. This helps readers scan to find what they want. And, because this table of contents appears on every page of your newsletter’s template (home page and article back pages), it encourages multiple clicks by each subscriber.
  • It’s possible you have too much content, or more likely it may FEEL like too much content to your reader. Review your layout.  If you are putting a series of articles onto one long page it will be difficult for people to scroll through this dense mass of text to find what they want to click on. A series of snopsysis and calls to action, each leading to their own back page or landing page, makes for a more scannable – and more clicked – newsletter. And, it gives you better engagement metrics for each piece of content.

Use all reports to choose what to test. Use your Click Maps, along with all your other reports available to you, to make decisions on what to test. Testing ideas are endless, but here are a few: Test where you place content. Test your calls to action. Test repeating articles. Test less content. Test smaller synopsis, but same amount of content in your newsletter. Test segmenting your audience and sending them more tailored content.

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