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The Newsweaver certification program takes your skills to the next level and helps you get you ahead of the curve.

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Newsweaver IC Professional User Certification

user certification

Free for all Internal Connect users

Develop your email and internal communication skills, and add some gloss to your resume with our Professional User Certification.
Work at your own pace as you master the most advanced features, and put them to use in your own organization.

By completing this certification you will:

  • Be able to demonstrate that you're an expert Newsweaver user
  • Master Newsweaver's advanced features
  • Pick up lots of tips and tricks you can use to improve your email communications
  • Further develop your internal communications knowledge
  • Gain insight into shared IC challenges and solutions

How it works:

1: Register using the form below.

2: Study course content at your own pace. Each chapter covers a mix of best practice and hands-on instructions, allowing you to put learnings into practice as you go.

3: Complete a mid-program and final exam to test your knowledge and to become a certified IC Pro User.

4: Share your success with your network. Add your new Certification to your LinkedIn profile.

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