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Regifting Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)


Regifting ESNs with a little help from Seinfeld. Every Christmas my niece and I partake in our annual tradition of buying each other useless, pointless gifts. My particular favorites, that I have received, were the framed picture of the Bebb (he rocks), closely followed by a supply of gerbil feed, which is just what a

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Connecting Internal Communication Strategy to Business Strategy for Big Results

Communication Strategy

Many businesses under-perform because functional department strategies such as communication strategy are misaligned with the overarching business strategy. The misalignment diffuses energy and saps productivity. It’s also avoidable. Last year I went to New Orleans to conduct a special three-hour workshop at the World Conference of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). This confirmed my

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Use your intranet properly – get a proper strategy!

Intranet Effectiveness

Email, video, enterprise social networks, town hall meetings – internal communicators have never had so many platforms at their disposal than they have today. And right up there is the intranet, still challenging email for the top spot in the armory of communications. It continues to be one of the most widely used and measured

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How to measure return on investment (ROI) in Internal Communications? Is it time to ask a different question?

Return on investment for internal communication

First, that wonderful and inarguable fact that everybody involved in Internal Communications knows as well as they know their boss’s name (or should do, anyway):  companies with highly effective IC strategies are likely to outperform their industry peers by a factor of 3.5. That, by any measurement, is a rather amazing return on investment for

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Why do we hate organizational change? Blame our brains


Our brains are not designed to deal with the 21st century workplace. Work practices have changed massively throughout the centuries, but our brains have not. And every organization on the planet has to contend with the challenges this brings, especially towards organizational change. So says Hilary Scarlett, author of Neuroscience for Organizational Change and speaker

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Internal Communications Strategies – EMEA vs North America

Internal Communications Strategies - EMEA vs North America

Bigger budgets, more influence and better future for internal communications strategies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) versus North America (NA): global survey Significant differences in internal communications (IC) functions between Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) on one hand, and North America (NA) on the other, have been revealed in a

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Strategic Alignment Of The Internal Communication function

Strategic Alignment Of The Internal Communication function

As we near the end of 2016, we invariably focus on our successes over the past year and set out our plans for 2017. With this in mind we invited IABC Fellow and Strategic Internal Communicator Priya Bates of Inner Strength Communication to be our guest contributor to the blog this month. Priya has written about how

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How to easily measure and set KPIs for internal communications

measure and set KPIs for internal communications

Making molehills out of mountains: taking the mental block out of measurement and KPIs for internal communication Internal communicators are well aware of the importance of measuring their work. In fact, Newsweaver’s recent Inside IC survey revealed that some 95% of IC staff recognise the importance of measurement. Those figures don’t correlate, however, with the

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Strapped for cash? Survey reveals paltry IC budgets


One-third of internal communicators have annual budgets of less than $10,000, the results of Newsweaver’s Inside IC 2016 survey have revealed. While the majority of these communicators come from companies of less than 1,000 employees, the figure is nonetheless startlingly low given the huge impact internal communications can have on a business. With huge percentages

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