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Connecting Internal Communication Strategy to Business Strategy for Big Results

Communication Strategy

Many businesses under-perform because functional department strategies such as communication strategy are misaligned with the overarching business strategy. The misalignment diffuses energy and saps productivity. It’s also avoidable. Last year I went to New Orleans to conduct a special three-hour workshop at the World Conference of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). This confirmed my

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Use your intranet properly – get a proper strategy!

Intranet Effectiveness

Email, video, enterprise social networks, town hall meetings – internal communicators have never had so many platforms at their disposal than they have today. And right up there is the intranet, still challenging email for the top spot in the armory of communications. It continues to be one of the most widely used and measured

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Unleash the power of storytelling: Build trust, win hearts and change minds

Power of Storytelling

There is nothing more engaging than a great story teller and Rob Biesenbach knows all about it, especially the invaluable role storytelling can play in the world of internal communications today. Rob is a communication professional, an actor and very much in-demand speaker, and last month we collaborated on what turned out to be  a

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Working in Internal Communications – Real Life Case Study

What are the issues facing those working in Internal Communications? What lies ahead for the future of IC? Let’s find out! We are delighted to report that last month’s first edition of Newsweaver’s Life In IC blog series, was a great success and we received a wonderful response. This week our focus is on Corporate Communications

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Top Tips for Building a Successful Business Case


Purchasing software can be laborious process, requiring alignment across a range of individuals and functions, but this can be made much easier by having a solid business case. This post is intended to help you do just that: craft a compelling business case which will give you the best chance of obtaining the required approvals.

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Internal Communications Specialist Matt Scott On Today’s IC Challenges

Matt Scott Internal Communications Specialist

What are the issues facing Internal Communications Specialists? How are others in IC going about their jobs and what are the challenges they see ahead for their industry? These are just some of the questions we will be asking leading Internal Communicators in Newsweaver’s Life In IC blog series. Over the coming weeks we are

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[Case Study] How Centrica Grew Yammer Adoption To 95% And Are Measuring It Using Newsweaver

From Zero to Hero – How Centrica Grew Yammer Adoption To 95%

Enterprise social network (ESN) in action: Centrica Newsweaver customer Centrica is the parent company of British Gas, Bord Gais Energy, Direct Energy and several other energy brands. It employs approximately 39,000 people worldwide. With such a vast workforce, distributed around the UK and globally, both in offices and out in the field, collaboration was a

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Jamie Oliver’s recipe for effective communication isn’t rocket science, but it works

Jamie Oliver’s recipe for effective communication

OK, so we know Jamie Oliver has a particularly effective communication style. Global phenomenon, super-celebrity chef, highly successful entrepreneur, healthy eating and animal welfare campaigner, he’s got almost six million Twitter followers plus another five million on Instagram. That’s a lot of communicating. But who would have thought that when it comes to knowing perhaps

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How Good Design Can Create Effective And Engaging Internal Email

How Good Design Can Create Effective And Engaging Internal Email

Design Tips for Internal Email Communication While content may be king – a poorly designed email newsletter template can confuse the message and defeat your campaign goals. A well-built custom template can be used over and over again to send your message so it is essential that when you design your template you create one

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