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Heartbleed Bug update for Newsweaver email marketing customers

You may have read in the news about a recent security issue called the “Heartbleed Bug”. Since it impacts internet based services, I thought I’d do a quick blog update to let you know how our security team responded here at Newsweaver. First of all – what is the “Heartbleed Bug”? The Heartbleed Bug is

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Opens and clicks are SO last year

If your idea of doing email marketing is blasting out an email to your list, making a note of opens and the clicks – and then moving on to your other marketing tasks, you are missing out on one of the most powerful marketing channels available today. Email marketing can deliver ROIs of up to

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What is the best day to send your email marketing?

What is the most asked question in email marketing? Without a doubt it is – what’s the best day to send? If you wonder about best day/time for your own email marketing campaigns, you’ll find this new MarketingSherpa chart on send effectiveness by day of the week to be very interesting. Here are a few

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Email Marketing Insight Report 2013

This is the fifth year we’ve been surveying Irish marketers to gain insight into how they are using email within their overall marketing strategy. The 2013 survey will be of interest to those who’d like to gain insight into the emerging trends and attitudes towards email marketing in Ireland. Increasing the effectiveness of email marketing

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The 7 myths of email marketing

Email marketing should be more than just following urban marketing legends Alchemy Worx email marketing agency always provides lots of statistics around email marketing metrics, and they don’t disappoint with this infographic – offering up some myth-busting insight:   Myth: ‘The best time to send emails is 3pm on Thursday’   99% of opens happen

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Website Email Conversion Rate for email marketing list growth

Jeanne Jennings of AlchemyWorx recently wrote about a simple but insightful metric to use to track email marketing list growth from your website. Posted on the Only Influencers blog, Jeanne talks about the importance of tracking where your subscribes are coming from – and starts with the website. For example, do you know how well

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Marketers are increasing the use of video in email marketing campaigns

An interesting study recently released by the Web Video Marketing Council, ReelSEO and Flimp Media Marketers reports an increase amongst marketers using video in their email marketing campaigns. While most survey respondents already use video as part of their website marketing content (83.9%) and for YouTube marketing (65.2%), an increasing number say they’re now using

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A quick guide to email delivery & inbox placement (Part 2)

In part 1 I looked at the bad practices that can affect the general health of your mailing list. It’s important because it can impact your email delivery rates – and can even prevent all your emails from reaching the inbox. In this post I look at best practices for collecting email addresses of new

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A quick guide to email delivery & inbox placement (Part 1)

I’m often asked by customers how to ensure email delivery of their newsletters into the subscribers’ inbox. I’m going to address this in two parts – this One – the role your Mailing List plays in delivery, and in Part Two I’ll take a look at the sign-up form and subscription process. The quality of

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